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The issue that a business may have with implementing this system is trying to evaluate what the payback for this process is. You hear the FEO’s ask time and time again “how much is this going to cost” or “ how much will it save me”? Well there is no simple answer because you generally cannot calculate the cost of a project failure once it has failed. In fact, the project may not have failed, but simply didn’t make more money. All you can do is evaluate what could have been captured with this management process in place.


The other is retention of staff

If you train staff and you are able to maintain staff, the likelihood is they become good at what they do and are familiar with systems and other staff at different levels. Losing staff is very costly. It takes a lot of time and, (if mid project), will more than likely be costly and possibly negatively affect relationships with clients. More time and money is lost with senior management or directors coming to site for reconciliation meetings. 

What SPB Solutions can say, is that the management of processes will significantly reduce loss of time for upper management and directors in project damage limitation exercises. Their time can be better spent elsewhere looking for, and winning projects. The site and office team communication will be greatly increased and the reduction of someone saying “ I thought they were” will be reduced, if not eliminated.

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