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Project Management Processes For
Best Business Operation

Running a business means that you need to juggle a few balls and also make sure that your employees and managers are keeping theirs in the air as well. Proper project management processes can make all the difference in your business, and as the core of your business, you need to make sure that you choose the right service provider to train your staff. 

Fast Facts About the Project Control Process

When we get involved, we have a look at the main factors that can be contributing to problems in your project management process. We don’t only provide you with a list of solutions, but we also have a look at what exactly is costing you time and money and provide solutions to your specific problems. 


  • Meetings. They are the bane of anyone’s existence, and although they do have an appropriate time and place, you should avoid too many meetings, especially if there is a quicker way to deal with a situation.

  • Long documents. Part of managing a team is to keep them informed of processes and procedures. No one reads long documents, so if you really need all those words, have a concise summary at the end, so staff instantly know the basics.

  • Action. You may have the best vision and mission for the company, but your team actions don’t align, and promises are not delivered on time or in scope. Make sure actions and words align.


It is vital that you monitor your team or that your project manager is on top of the situation by being in touch with the staff and situations that might escalate. We can help your project manager by monitoring the situation and advising on where improvement is needed. 

What You Can Expect from Us Regarding Project Management Procedures

Part of our approach towards project management is to train all staff in procedures and processes. New or existing staff need to be up to date with better processes that can save time and money. This approach works best as every staff member has a part to play in the programme management process.


  • All aspects. We work with your main managers and staff, and we focus on communication within the team as well as with subcontractors and suppliers for an efficient system.

  • Tailor-made. Each project you handle is different, but we can give your Project Manager the skills and training to handle the basics that will apply to each project and then further tailor the training to their experience.

  • Indigenous communities. Your projects might involve having to communicate with local communities. We can monitor remotely and train and involve them in the project. 


Aligning your project phases and procedures mean that you will see improvement in production output and your bottom line.

About SPB Solutions in Construction

We promise to deliver tailored solutions to your company that will streamline your processes for better client communication and between members of your team. 


Contact us if you need training for your staff, or you want us to help and monitor your project manager for better output and bottom line.

Cost Saving Solutions for Any Construction Management Process

Years of experience in the construction industry has served to refine our offering to you, which is the effective control of client operations during the implementation phase of the construction management process. We have a proven track record of assisting project directors in coordinating works between engineering teams, subcontractors and suppliers.


What Solutions You Can Expect from Us

Let us assist you with profitability through tried and tested systems: 


  • Start-up. This step in the construction process is key, and operations during this phase set the standard for executing the rest of the project. By this stage, you may have identified potential problems through planning and solutions. Unforeseen circumstances, however, will always arise, and we have established methods to resolve these in the shortest time possible to reduce their impact on production.

  • Short term. When determining what solutions are best for resource management, we explore the systems your company currently has in place and how we can assist in adapting your projects underway. We appreciate that our customers may have different projects running concurrently and that each has its own unique set of challenges that we help to address.

  • Long term. At SPB Solutions in Construction, we assist our clients in establishing systems that they can apply not only to current projects but future projects too. This approach ensures consistency throughout the organisation where everybody is on the same page regarding company expectations.

What You Stand to Gain When You Use Us

As part of the construction management process, we partner with you to optimise production in the following ways: 


  • Co-ordination of resources. One of the foreseeable challenges that may arise during project execution is delays due to the late delivery of materials. We put procedures in place to minimise the chances of this happening by incorporating solutions in your planning and setting up alternative solutions should this challenge become a reality.

  • Change management. Construction Management requires flexibility, and plans must be adaptable to resolve problems encountered. During this process, communication is crucial to avoid misunderstandings that will inevitably arise due to a necessary deviation from the procedure. Because of this, we scrutinise your current communication procedure, its challenges, and how to address them. We ensure operations continue running smoothly despite changes to the way you do things under normal circumstances.

  • Monitoring milestones. Part of our service is to ensure that the project progresses as it should by offering solutions to challenges you will inevitably encounter in your scheduling. 

What You Can Expect from SPB Solutions in Construction

We are committed to bringing about the successful completion of your project by ensuring that procedures are implemented so that costs remain within budget and that site systems are not just understood but applied by all. 


Let us help make your project profitable; contact us for more information.


Invest in Our Project Management Delivery Service with an Outcome-Driven Approach

Successfully handling any project is a complex process. Planning, controlling, and adhering to timelines can be unpredictable procedures. Investing in a project manager is often essential to securing innovative capabilities and experience during a project while ensuring streamlined coordination. SPB Solutions in Construction harnesses the power of understanding and experience across multiple disciplines to provide effective project management delivery tailored to your specific requirements.

The Benefits of Implementing Our Project Management Solution

Our team works as a trusted partner to you to ensure that your project runs efficiently so that you can achieve your desired outcomes. We take on the complexity of overseeing and managing your project while reducing risks and costs and implementing effective plans to streamline the process.


  • Our vast experience with project delivery management allows us to tend to your direct requirements and tailor our offerings to your specifications. With knowledge from previous projects, we adapt and apply what we know to suit your project scope for a streamlined process. We provide high-quality management at competitive prices, minimise errors, and implement cost-saving methods without compromising on our quality of work.

  • Our impartial project management team keeps your interests a priority. Other stakeholders, such as landlords and subcontractors, may put their own interests first, which could influence your project decision-making. Clients can benefit from our team placing their concerns before others while pairing our support with trustworthy advice. We work alongside you to outline and implement strategies based on our experience to secure clearly defined expectations and tangible results.

  • It becomes confusing when multiple contractors, consultants, and vendors are participating in the same project under similar time constraints but with different work styles. Our project managers coordinate each party to work harmoniously towards the project’s goals. During your project, your business may need to take on additional responsibilities that are outside your ordinary capabilities. Our well-versed team can act as an extension of your firm, expediting these functions using experience and understanding until they are effectively executed.

  • We take on the pressures and worries of your project, applying cost- and time-saving techniques while you focus on running your establishment. Our transparent communication includes support, guidance, and reporting throughout your project, keeping you up to date on each stage of your development. From preconstruction through to the final handover, our team will oversee to make sure that you achieve the required outcomes of your project.

What You Can Expect from SPB Solutions in Construction Regarding Project Management Implementation

Project management is vital to the success of your project. From guiding the execution process to monitoring the results, our skilled team facilitates your project plan. What you can expect from us: 


  • Fluid cooperation. A well-communicated plan leads to increased collaboration across all departments of a business throughout the implementation process. We understand that it’s simple to understand and execute your daily tasks without interference—the difficult part is aligning each team’s objectives to meet the goals of the organisation as a whole. Through a tailored implantation plan, we bridge the gap between departments for more efficient cooperation.

  • Increased attractiveness. A meticulously researched and well-defined implementation plan will encourage buy-in from stakeholders. Incorporating our project management framework can demonstrate to both lenders and potential investors the likelihood of success for your establishment. Increasing the synergy of your operations can also entice new clients and talent, both attracted by reputable organisations.

  • Ongoing guidance. The main advantage of an implementation plan is that it streamlines the process for a company to achieve its core goals. When each department understands your requirements and how to achieve them, it becomes easier to track results. Our ongoing support allows you to identify potential weak areas so that you can effectively manage and realign them with your company’s goals.

Why Trust SPB Solutions in Construction Regarding Your Project Execution Plan?

Our industry experience provides us with in-depth working knowledge in delivering end-to-end project management services. We combine best practices with modern methodologies to offer hybrid project management tailored to your requirements. With use of the latest software systems, we manage and monitor your project at each stage, implementing meaningful changes to maximise output. By providing long-term support, we can help you identify new opportunities and ensure a structured management approach. 


For more information on how we can improve your project’s performance, contact us.


Does your Project Management Plan Need Updating?

The stress a project manager (PM) experiences when things start going pear-shaped during a project can be detrimental to client relationships and the success of your project. We can update and adjust your project management plan, so it works for your company, staff, and clients to ensure the best outcome for all involved.

Why You can Trust us Regarding the Process of Project Planning

We bring 20 years of experience working on and monitoring different projects to the table to give you the best chance at changing your current project planning and control process into one that is efficient and profitable. Here is how we can save a project:


  • We review the current stance of the project and previous projects regarding time, scope, and the budgeted cost. We can then see trends and identify what exactly is going wrong and what we need to focus on and change.

  • We further look at your current project, the estimates, and the possible variances. If the variances are way above the average acceptable levels, we need to adjust to bring the project in line with baseline performance.

  • The crisis stage of a project, unfortunately, can happen towards the end. In which case, it makes it very difficult to assess and alter outcomes thoroughly. We will focus on a rapid assessment and recovery to minimise risks and manage the deliverables. 


Monitoring and advising, including the PM’s performance, is unique to each project, and the ideal approach will differ depending on the project phase and your unique challenges. 

Tips Regarding Project Management and Planning

You may see that your PM is struggling or not pulling their weight and actively engaging with a project. Here are a few signs that you can look out for that will show you it is time for training or monitoring to help your PM improve their project planning for project management:


  • The first red flags of a PM that is not a team player is focus on self-promotion. Losing trust and motivation from your team can be detrimental to the success of a project, and if a PM is taking all credit that should be going to the team, it is not beneficial to your business.

  • Poor delegation. Communication is key to the success of any PM plan. Your PM needs to communicate and delegate effectively, so all team members know the deadlines, when to follow up and what level of authority they have in making decisions.

  • Facilitation. Your PM needs to consider the input from other members and not merely dictate from the top down. Involvement and cohesion are key. 


Resolving conflict and the ability to help rectify any problems team members may have during a project is a vital skill that the PM needs. We can coach and guide your team and PM on better communication, facilitation, and conflict resolution. 

About SPB Solutions in Construction

Our approach to Project Management is not a set of solutions that we force on you, and you have to make sense of it. We tailor monitoring and training based on your specific company needs taking an analysis of the project management plan and challenges you face into account. 


Contact us if you want to book staff training or if your project management plan needs a relook.

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