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For over 20 years, we’ve delivered successful projects and managing systems for Project HVAC builds. With builds ranging from $100,000 to $60,000,000, we’ve found that the systems in place can be very similar.

If project teams are already in place, we can provide a process monitoring package that assists with all communications between the different levels of project teams. Staff training is also completed during this process.

We work alongside your Project Directors, Construction Managers, Project Managers, Supervisors, Drafting and Engineering teams. We even look at effective communications with subcontractors and suppliers.

Not only do we advise on processes, we also offer short-term project team assistance with tender project assessments, as well as set-up and project management, if the PM is not initially available due to crossing over of projects. Again, bespoke packages can be constructed for all types of scenarios. No two projects are the same, and these are part of the collaborative discussions we’ll have with you.

There are numerous projects in Australia that require local participation and Indigenous involvement to support and train the local communities. Our services assist with the training and monitoring of people involved in these remote projects. With this system, project processes can be monitored and reported remotely all over Australia and even the world, with full co-operation of the upper and lower management teams.

Project Management Advisor

Trust Us as a Project Management Advisor

When you're involved in a large undertaking, it's common to recruit someone to oversee the entire process. Consequently, there is order, and everything remains on schedule since someone is directing all aspects of a build. A project management advisor assists with planning, making recommendations and leading internal and external clients to create and implement various solutions that improve the quality of processes. Relevant stakeholders value the input from a PM consultant since they identify and correct workflow inefficiencies. SPB Solutions in Construction provides these complex services that involve a specific business unit or an entire enterprise and often take on multiple projects simultaneously.

Benefits of Hiring Project Management Consultancy Services

​Regardless of the size of the work you need to complete, the process is stressful. Instead of burdening yourself with these matters, you can outsource it to a professional who eliminates the hassle from the project and delivers excellent results. Besides the reduced risk and costs, you'll gain a partner you can trust for future reference.

  • The clear and obvious advantage of hiring a project management professional rests in our invaluable knowledge and skills. The consultant evaluates the result and defines the best route to take to achieve that. We will outline several elements to check off during the process, assign responsibilities to your team and establish timelines for each element. The consultant acts as a traffic controller who keeps every component moving smoothly and without a hitch.

  • Project management consulting firms work with multiple organisations for an array of projects. Consequently, we continuously gain knowledge about the best practices for accomplishing tasks and moving forward. The external perspective of a consultant allows them to separate themselves from a limiting mindset.

  • When you hire an external project managing consultant , you can be confident that they're starting on a clean slate without prior bias. Being ingrained in the culture of the company and having partiality to one person's idea over another leads to emotional issues and affect their ability to tackle problems logically. This gap allows a project management company to operate independently of underlying politics and conflict while delivering an effective job. Furthermore, the company must have the right set of skills to ensure that your staff are on time with their tasks.

  • Every employee within an organization has a role to play that includes various responsibilities and tasks, which is how delays come about. The project manager's sole purpose involves keeping the undertaking on time and within budget. When you hire a professional, they provide complete focus on the task and won't spend time on other matters surrounding the project.

  • As with anything in life, time and money are critical components. Exceeding your budget can have serious ramifications for the operation and your employees. Additionally, delays to the project result in loss of revenue and earning potential. The time and money that you save by hiring a consultant pay for themselves. Whether you're at the start of the project or you need it back on track, recruiting a project manager delivers a significant return on your investment.

Tips for Choosing a Project Management Company

Imagine that you've commenced a project and have to ensure that everyone plays their part, but then you discover that it's too much for you to handle. You then decide to recruit a project management consultant only to find that hundreds claim to work miracles. Now you're faced with managing the project and the recruitment process. These tips will guide you to make the correct decision faster while protecting the quality of the project.

  • You must ensure that the management firm understands the scope of work that you require. When you find that they're pointing out errors in your plan, it's a sign that they understand the project's needs. This is essential as it is directly proportional to the success of the undertaking.

  • Consulting companies make bold claims about their experience, with some being true. Instead of throwing money at a new company or one that you haven't researched, it's advisable to dig into the past of the PMC consultants. Feel free to ask about the changes they've made in previous projects, how they benefited the process, and what strategies they adopted that pushed them towards a successful result. Ultimately, you must be certain of their skills, so ask them to demonstrate.

  • Every consultancy firm claims to focus on its clients. This should be standard since you're paying for their services. Instead, you should find out just how involved the company is with the projects they assist with by asking the appropriate questions. You should ask if you have direct access to a representative or the consultant themselves for urgent and planned meetings.

  • To start the process of finding a competent project management consultancy firm, you should ask the most trusted people in your life - friends, family, business partners. If anyone has had the opportunity to work with a consultancy, they should point you in the right direction.

What to Expect from SPB Solutions in Construction Regarding Project Management And Consulting


We have over 20 years of experience in the industry and have assisted multiple companies during that time. We streamline processes which has a positive impact on employees and is a cost-effective solution for you. For remote projects, we assist with training and monitoring local communities as part of our commitment to inclusion and diversity.


Contact us to manage your next project seamlessly.

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