SPB Solutions can develop your delivery management processes that allows your staff to be trained and developed within your organisation. This is very difficult with staff who are remote to the main branches of the company. Training people to manage and build locally in remote areas will also assist staff to remain on the life of the project successfully.

With the constant maintenance of systems, to maintain the longevity of the installation and prolong warranties, monitoring of these systems is also about managing processes. This can be recorded and allow rectifications before failures. 

SPB Solutions can carry out site surveys to physically record the condition of systems through their lifecycle. Another good process to assist when refurbishments are inevitable, and can evaluate what would be best for the particular client.

Project Monitoring


We Can Take Care of Your Project Monitoring


A typical project consists of several moving parts that should operate together to meet deadlines. If one of these parts break down, it causes a ripple effect through the operation in addition to the financial and time losses. Keeping tabs on every part of the project is difficult, which highlights the need for project monitoring. This involves observing the progress of the work to ensure that it complies with the scope, deliverables, timelines, and schedules. A professional company such as SPB Solutions for Construction measures the progress against the plans and suggests the best corrective action to get back on track.


Tips Regarding Monitoring and Evaluation in Project Management

  • Time tracking is one of the best ways of monitoring the activity on a work site. When you're aware of how much time you're spending on each task, you can understand the costs better down to the type of task and phase of the project. Additionally, you can view information about your staff to view what they're working on and make adjustments to suit the project. Furthermore, you can allocate resources smartly by seeing who's worked too long and maybe close to burning out.

  • The monitoring and controlling process require effective communication between management and staff. Each team member should be aware of their goals and processes while providing feedback on their progress. You should have weekly meetings with staff members through a medium that is efficient and suits every party. These communication tools make it easier to share information and provide status updates without interrupting workflows.

  • Project monitoring doesn't end when the work is complete. You should carefully reflect on the process and identify the action you took to keep the project on course to the end. Evaluate various tasks to establish which ones consumed much of your team's focus, what didn't require attention, what tasks ate into your budget more than you expected, what worked seamlessly that you can adopt in the future, and how did the changes you make affect the project's course. Consider how the performance of the current project compares to those of the past. This information allows you to plan better for future undertakings.

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What You Should Know About Monitoring Project
Progress and Performance


The monitor and control project work process are essential for the success of little tasks and the whole project. Tracking the progress through various stages allows you to make the necessary changes and save time and money. The project manager gathers the relevant information and addresses it to control the entire operation.

  • Even though people think of them as old-school, status reports are the straightforward method of controlling and monitoring a project. This will help document the progress you're making along with other essential information. Various software programs simplify the status report that you can access through any phase of the project to establish which tasks are going wrong. If you need to make urgent changes, the status report provides up-to-date information on the progress.

  • Budgets are a critical aspect of a project. PM monitoring and reporting allows you to stay on top of your cash flow at all times. If you're spending any amount of money, you should record it and have the information on hand. Regularly reviewing the expenses and ensuring that every cost works for the project, is essential. If you find that you're using money unnecessarily, you have someone to inform you that you must cut back.

  • There isn't one strategy that works for every type of project. Don't make the mistake of considering the success of an undertaking as the blueprint for future work. It's impractical to adopt the same approach for every project, which is why it's wise to recruit the services of a professional with their project monitoring system. Ignoring the components of a new undertaking will result in costly complications. Finding a project manager to handle a new job will always lead to positive results.


About SPB Solutions for Construction


We have over two decades of experience in the industry both internationally and here in Australia. When you collaborate with us, you receive more than a list of solutions. Instead, our extensive knowledge and experience can help identify issues that can cost you financially in the future. By streamlining the processes of work, we transform the project into an efficient, cost-effective one.


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