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Run by Director, Stephen Brown, SPB Solutions offers systems, processes and mechanical services within the construction industry. HVAC.


We guide and train existing, and new staff, in how to set-up and manage the project processes efficiently. This can be accomplished in a number of different ways, depending on existing abilities, and where a company wants to take these processes. We offer start- up, short-term and long-term packages for large and small projects. These packages simplify training for new staff, and educates exisiting staff on new processes that can save time, which can be critical to the budget limitations of a project.


Run by Director, Stephen Brown, SPB Solutions offers systems, processes and mechanical services within the construction industry. HVAC.


With over 20 years experience delivering projects and managing systems for HVAC in the building industry, we’re able to recognise and identify potential problems, allowing an effective process to be put into place.

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Run by Director, Stephen Brown, SPB Solutions offers systems, processes and mechanical services within the construction industry. HVAC.


Within any organisation, a structured core or backbone support is essential throughout the build. Utilising SPB Solutions experience and knowledge prior to your build will alleviate additional stresses on your staff. If you’re experiencing any issues during your build, our team will identify, monitor and adjust your processes accordingly.

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With over 20 years experience in the HVAC commercial industry, Stephen has experience working local, regional and overseas. 

Stephen Brown was recruited from the UK by Hastie Australia as  a Project Manager, and was at  Hastie Australia for 5 years. Stephen was then offered an opportunity with Climatech NSW, as a senior PM to then be offered the role as the Construction Manager to lead the delivery team at the Sedatech QLD branch with the new director.


Project delivery portfolio vastly ranges from retail shopping centres, hospitals, data centres and multi-story office blocks, to government prisons and specialised training centres for the Australian military, on the HVAC mechanical services side.

Over the last 5 years Stephen has assisted in training staff and implementing systems across ACT, NSW and QLD. Stephen has also run some projects where required. Key factors have been to identify solutions and develop them to client’s needs and specifications.

“SPB Solutions train and encourage PMs to make decisions and take ownership of the processes, problems, and ultimately, the builds. In bringing SPB Solutions into your projects, you’ll get our proven track record of over 20 years in the industry. Staff will be trained and mentored to deal and adjust during the build, to save companies money and time, therefore maximising profits.”


SPB Solutions identify issues arising with new staff. Typically, the process is by interview, references and fixed time period trials. This process can be costly and time consuming if the end result is to recruit a replacement member of staff.

One of our goals is to monitor, not run your project. If training on specific company systems is required, this will also be constructively highlighted.

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  • Project monitoring for local projects.

  • Project monitoring for regional projects.

  • Project management process assessment.

  • Project Management and supervision site assistance.

  • Tender assessment assistance.

  • Project site defects and survey assessments & management.

  • Project administration assistance.

  • Training, developing and mentoring site delivery teams.

  • Assistance with subcontractor management.

  • Project set-up before PM's are appointed.

  • New recruit monitoring and assessment for the delivery teams.

  • Simple programming systems to be developed and changed with the clients program.

  • Delivery team new management process implementation through IT software managed and provided by SPB Solutions.

  • Existing systems audits and reports.

  • Maintenance system surveys.



Run by Director, Stephen Brown, SPB Solutions offers systems, processes and mechanical services within the construction industry. HVAC.

At SPB Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering more than merely a list of solutions to your problems.

Having worked on countless projects from development of process to completion, we’ve got the extensive experience and knowledge to identify issues that may cost a company financially in the future. These may involve employees, clients, subcontractors or suppliers.

If we can cost effectively keep staff happy in their work by streamlining and making processes efficient, they will have the ability to provide the client with the needs to complete the works. Even if the information that is accurate and not what the client wants to hear, it will be correct and constructive which will reduce costly reactive rectifications. 

SPB Solutions offers systems, processes and mechanical services within the construction industry. HVAC.
SPB Solutions offers systems, processes and mechanical services within the construction industry. HVAC.

Communication between the site and office teams will be greatly improved, and from experience the professional relationships grow too, increasing the respect for employees in the different fields of expertise.

There are many projects now in Australia that require local participation and Indigenous involvement to help and train the local communities. This service will assist with the training and monitoring of people local to remote projects. 

SPB Solutions offers systems, processes and mechanical services within the construction industry. HVAC.


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Builders: Monitoring the services trades and creating a monthly critical path assessment with the services and building teams.

Services Subcontractors: Assisting Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic, Fire & Security services and subcontractors with critical items that need to be presented to their client.

Training and running management process systems is the backbone of any project. It can highlight the bottlenecks early and resolve them proactively.

Once systems are started, these can be developed, monitored or provided with additional training over time.


Whether Mechanical or Electrical, PMP Project Management Will Ensure Smooth Projects

At SPB Solutions in Construction, we assist you from assessing tender requirements to delivering projects in a way that ensures profitability for your business. Our PMP project management solutions offer project performance management to ensure cost-effectiveness for resources used. 

What You Can Expect From SPB Solutions in Construction

Planning is one of the keys to successful project management and, if done correctly, can avoid delays in the execution phase due to unforeseen circumstances. It’s important for every Professional Project Manager (PMP) to consider the following before project start-up to ensure that follow-up activities run smoothly:


  • Foreseeing project problems early. Our experience in the construction industry has given us exposure to common challenges that may arise during different projects and, on the other hand, issues that are unique to each client. Having established core systems to address these challenges, we are in a position to custom make solutions that are relevant to your company’s needs.

  • Managing your resources. Once systems are in place and as part of our project team management, we provide staff training to ensure that everyone understands their role in the successful implementation of the project. We also act as project management advisor to prevent material shortages that usually create project delays.

  • Monitoring. Control measures are necessary to make sure that the project proceeds as planned. We provide tools to establish budget adherence and that you meet milestones as scheduled. 


The above ensures proper project preparation, better staff retention due to clear expectations, and the opportunity to identify deviations from cost control measures that are in place. Construction projects involve various stakeholders, and at SPB Solutions in Construction, we consider the different role players who have to converge to make the project a success. 

Services We Provide Related to PMP Project Management

As a project management consultant, we offer not only advice and monitoring but process training, including the required systems software. We also provide the following: 


  • Sub-Contractor Management. Sub-contractors are separate corporate entities, and most likely, their systems differ from yours. Therefore, consensus on project execution is essential so that everyone understands the project goals and how to get there.

  • Supplier Management. Regardless of what you must procure for a construction project, your PMC (Project Management Contract) must meet specific standards for products and services.

  • Local Participation. One of the conditions of the project award may be to provide the opportunity for underprivileged community members to participate in your project. This requirement may be a challenge because they could lack the skills required to do the job, and it is our responsibility to ensure that they, too, add value to your business for the duration of the works.

About SPB Solutions in Construction

Our Owner Stephen Brown has 20 years of experience in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industry. Stephen has an international footprint where he has worked as project manager, senior project manager and construction manager. He has played a key role in various construction projects, including, but not limited to, shopping centres, hospitals, and office blocks. Stephen had reached a point in his career where he was able to synthesise all his skill and experience to bring you solutions that are more strategic in nature and therefore aim to ensure the long-term sustainability of your organisation. 


Whether your project is local or regional, we offer project monitoring and management solutions that save you time and money. Contact us for more information and let us help you build and maintain your reputation by delivering projects on time, every time.



If you’d like to know more about how we can help your project, give us a call on: 0401 413187 or fill out the form below.

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