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Difficulty with resources when you win a job.

So the climate for new work is starting to rise as required and looking for staff is a task in itself. When do you commit to the new staff or is there another solutions? Its always difficult when you have a proposed PM still on an existing project to get on all the urgent items and assess the new project. Well what are your options? Contract a company to set up the project assessment and record? They can then complete the handover and list all urgent items required for the PM taking over. Is there a company that does this on short contracts. There certainly is, SPB Solutions. If a project does not start off well then whoever takes over is chasing their tail. Well why do this when there is another option. Don's start too late on a project and waste money at the start. Good Project Management is about being proactive and organized. There is always plenty to do at the start of a project so why wait or under resource?

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