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Project Management Plan

Does your Project Management Plan Need Updating?

The stress a project manager (PM) experiences when things start going pear-shaped during a project can be detrimental to client relationships and the success of your project. We can update and adjust your project management plan, so it works for your company, staff, and clients to ensure the best outcome for all involved.

Why You can Trust us Regarding the Process of Project Planning

We bring 20 years of experience working on and monitoring different projects to the table to give you the best chance at changing your current project planning and control process into one that is efficient and profitable. Here is how we can save a project:

● We review the current stance of the project and previous projects regarding time, scope, and the budgeted cost. We can then see trends and identify what exactly is going wrong and what we need to focus on and change.

● We further look at your current project, the estimates, and the possible variances. If the variances are way above the average acceptable levels, we need to adjust to bring the project in line with baseline performance.

● The crisis stage of a project, unfortunately, can happen towards the end. In which case, it makes it very difficult to assess and alter outcomes thoroughly. We will focus on a rapid assessment and recovery to minimise risks and manage the deliverables.

Monitoring and advising, including the PM’s performance, is unique to each project, and the ideal approach will differ depending on the project phase and your unique challenges.

Tips Regarding Project Management and Planning

You may see that your PM is struggling or not pulling their weight and actively engaging with a project. Here are a few signs that you can look out for that will show you it is time for training or monitoring to help your PM improve their project planning for project management:

● The first red flags of a PM that is not a team player is focus on self-promotion. Losing trust and motivation from your team can be detrimental to the success of a project, and if a PM is taking all credit that should be going to the team, it is not beneficial to your business.

● Poor delegation. Communication is key to the success of any PM plan. Your PM needs to communicate and delegate effectively, so all team members know the deadlines, when to follow up and what level of authority they have in making decisions.

● Facilitation. Your PM needs to consider the input from other members and not merely dictate from the top down. Involvement and cohesion are key.

Resolving conflict and the ability to help rectify any problems team members may have during a project is a vital skill that the PM needs. We can coach and guide your team and PM on better communication, facilitation, and conflict resolution.

About SPB Solutions in Construction

Our approach to Project Management is not a set of solutions that we force on you, and you have to make sense of it. We tailor monitoring and training based on your specific company needs taking an analysis of the project management plan and challenges you face into account.

Contact us if you want to book staff training or if your project management plan needs a relook.

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