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Company Assessment of the Project Management Processes

PART 1: Well you know you have problems and the thing today is how quickly you can change and also resolve the new issues on a project. The next generation coming through want to use newer technology to assist but also learn from the experienced. They are sick of hearing, "this is the industry we are in. This is how it has always been. There is nothing we can do about it, just get on with it". To be fair to the older experience generation, timeframes for projects have probably halved since they started and learning the new technologies that are changing what seems to be monthly, is challenging. The first part to resolving reoccurring issues on projects is getting the relevant parties together and writing down the issues with also the comments of what the causes are from the employees.

PART 2: Once you have the list and the comments from the employees with the causes, the next step PART 2 is to see what has already been attempted, if at all, to resolve these reoccurring issues. This then again needs to be written down as a list and also the comments from the employees, on what actually worked, failed and their perception of the reasons why.

Part 3: The final step of the assessment is to pic a number of live projects and assess what is is actually happening. it may be best to pic a live project that all parties are on but what is good is picking a troublesome project and a perceived successful project and then the differences, if any can be determined. What is good with this is, it is good to get project ratings from the parties before the final numbers are calculated. This is where it all gets interesting. Once you get your number, that is when you decide how you want to move forward.

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