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Construction Management Process

Cost Saving Solutions for Any Construction Management Process

Years of experience in the construction industry has served to refine our offering to you, which is the effective control of client operations during the implementation phase of the construction management process.We have a proven track record of assisting project directors in coordinating works between engineering teams, subcontractors and suppliers.

What Solutions You Can Expect from Us

Let us assist you with profitability through tried and tested systems:

Start-up. This step in the construction process is key, and operations during this phase set the standard for executing the rest of the project. By this stage, you may have identified potential problems through planning and solutions. Unforeseen circumstances, however, will always arise, and we have established methods to resolve these in the shortest time possible to reduce their impact on production.

Short term. When determining what solutions are best for resource management, we explore the systems your company currently has in place and how we can assist in adapting your projects underway. We appreciate that our customers may have different projects running concurrently and that each has its own unique set of challenges that we help to address.

Long term. At SPB Solutions in Construction, we assist our clients in establishing systems that they can apply not only to current projects but future projects too. This approach ensures consistency throughout the organisation where everybody is on the same page regarding company expectations.

What You Stand to Gain When You Use Us

As part of the construction management process, we partner with you to optimise production in the following ways:

Co-ordination of resources. One of the foreseeable challenges that may arise during project execution is delays due to the late delivery of materials. We put procedures in place to minimise the chances of this happening by incorporating solutions in your planning and setting up alternative solutions should this challenge become a reality.

Change management. Construction Management requires flexibility, and plans must be adaptable to resolve problems encountered. During this process, communication is crucial to avoid misunderstandings that will inevitably arise due to a necessary deviation from the procedure. Because of this, we scrutinise your current communication procedure, its challenges, and how to address them. We ensure operations continue running smoothly despite changes to the way you do things under normal circumstances.

Monitoring milestones. Part of our service is to ensure that the project progresses as it should by offering solutions to challenges you will inevitably encounter in your scheduling.

What You Can Expect from SPB Solutions in Construction

We are committed to bringing about the successful completion of your project by ensuring that procedures are implemented so that costs remain within budget and that site systems are not just understood but applied by all.

Let us help make your project profitable; contact us for more information.

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